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What are the advantages offered by the GRMS?

Imagine a guest entering a hotel and going through Check-in. The guest has completed this process and is on his way to the room. By the time the guest arrives at their destination, a computer command will automatically turn on the lights in the room, turn on the HVAC, draw the curtains, and more.

In other words, it will be possible to prepare a room for a meeting with a guest in remote mode, which is a great comfort for both the hotel owner and the guest.

In addition, information about all rooms is automatically reported to the reception staff on the computer: is there anyone in the room, what the temperature is in the room, the light is on, is the window open, and others.




SMarter offers both Offline and Online door locks. When installing an online lock, the hotel receptionist receives information remotely, automatically: whether the door is open or closed, which card opened the room and who entered the room, what the item level is. Also, the receptionist himself can open or close the door so that he does not need to come to the room.

In this case, both the guest and the receptionist have the opportunity to control the lighting of the whole room from one point. In addition to comfort, this system also contributes to energy efficiency, because if the room realizes that no one is in the room, the electricity will be automatically cut off, thus reducing the hotel costs.

The heating and cooling system make the biggest contribution to the hotel's energy costs. Therefore, automation of this component is a special need. Intelligent heating, cooling and ventilation systems are designed so that if the guest leaves the room, the equipment automatically shuts off or switches to sleep mode, or if the guest opens the window, the system is immediately paused, which saves energy on the one hand and protects the device from damage on the other.