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Full control of building entrances

The access control system includes face recognition, road barriers, intercom, vehicle number recognition system, etc. This system is especially convenient for buildings with various commercial purposes like shopping centers, and residential complexes, as it allows full control of the building. For example, the vehicle plate recognition system allows a building owner to easily identify a vehicle. Road barriers will automatically open after successfully identifying car number plates that were previously registered in the software.

Our team also offers an intercom system. In Smarter, we have both traditional and smart intercom systems that can be applied to single or multi-apartment buildings. A smart intercom is an innovative system that minimizes costs by eliminating the necessity of implementing a cable network in the whole building. It is installed outside the building and allows the visitor to connect via the internet with the apartment owner’s smartphone or with the screen installed in the apartment. This saves time and money for apartment owners. We are partnered with such brands as Hikvision, GBF, and Fermax in intercom technologies.




Our team offers visual placement of the access system components on the drawing scheme, shaping up the principal scheme (Riser Diagram) and, if desired, preparing the tender documentation.