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we install a range of security systems for your convenience and peace of mind while you are away. We respect your time and your home by showing up promptly and cleaning up after each project. Power Pro Electricians are always on time and are full-service providers. Never hesitate when it comes to potential electrical problems. Electrical issues can quickly develop into major catastrophes.

By deliberately avoiding the high end of the market where the possibilities are endless and the price tag is often ‘out of reach’, we keep our installation costs more budget friendly, in comparison to other home and building control providers, making this an affordable option to upgrade your home’s electrical installation.



To ensure minimal downtime for clients, we’ve designed and constructed a 1000 kVA test centre to test our UPS solutions. The test centre minimalises, to the greatest possible extent, any chance of downtime and tests to the standards applied by the original manufacturers, whilst also meeting IEC standards. The computerised testing procedures are fully automated.