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One of the vital components of a safe hotel room is the door lock. Smarter offers both Offline and Online door locks. In case of installing an online lock, the hotel receptionist automatically receives the following information remotely: whether the door is open or closed, which card was used to open the room, who entered the room, and what is the level of the battery. Also, the receptionist can open or close the door remotely. Unlike an online lock, in the case of offline ones, the receptionist does not have access to information related to the status of the lock, although the card can be programmed remotely from the reception. However, the offline lock is a more budget-friendly solution than the online one.

In terms of smart locks, we partner with brands that customers have trusted for a long time, such as ASSA ABLOY, ORBITA, BONVINI, and YALE. Smarter also offers both traditional and smart minibars. In the case of a smart minibar, if the customer takes the product, it is automatically reported in the system, which gives the hotel owner the opportunity to be informed.



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