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Smarter offers network planning and maintenance services for any building. This service is especially convenient for companies where many people are employed. Our engineers distribute the cables in such a way that the network is systematically regulated and one person's actions do not interfere with another or disrupt internet speeds. In terms of network security, Smarter uses devices of leading brands, such as: Cisco, MikroTik, TPE, Ubiquiti, HPE, Aruba, Juniper.

Smarter offers installation of Wi-fi network points (Access Point), which means the spread of Wi-fi in different rooms. For example, to provide fast and uninterrupted internet access to all hotel rooms, we install Wi-fi Access Point devices in the building. In this regard, we have two Wi-fi Access Point solutions in Smarter: First, it is the Unify Lights Access Point, which spreads the Internet signal over 100 meters, is a more budget solution and is designed for small projects.




Our team offers the following services: IP television, telephony, internet, wi-fi access point planning, installation, and server room design and planning.