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Rapid dissemination of information in large buildings

When you want to spread the word quickly in a large building, an address-based sound system is a smart decision. Addressing speakers includes: amplifiers, speakers, microphones, and related devices. With the help of these devices, a message over a large area is understood by all people, although it is also possible to manage it zonally. For example, the system can be installed in such a way that only a specific floor or a specific room can make a sound. With its help it is possible to: make an announcement, sound the alarm, play background music and more.

Also, the address sound system allows us to count the number of sound decibels in a particular section of the building. The law obliges the owners of shopping malls and buildings where many people gather to install this system.




In many cases, engineers make mistakes when designing, on which human life depends. The preparation of a highly professional project is crucial in the execution part. If the project is drawn up incorrectly, the execution will also be done incorrectly. In this regard, in accordance with Resolution 41, Smarter proposes: drawing up a fire safety detection system, designing a Riser Diagram, drawing up exit indicators, emergency lights, fire project and evacuation plans. Making evacuation plans involves arranging evacuation paths, printing trail drawings, and pasting them on all floors.