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Lamps are divided into different types, in the case of residential houses and hotels, more attention is paid to their design. Smarter is the advisable place for interior designers to find various interior lighting designs. With Smart home lights, it is possible to increase or decrease the brightness of the lights. Increase and decrease in Kelvin, which is how we get the color intensity of the lighting from cool to warm. In addition, it can be connected to various smart home devices, which will allow us to automatically control the lighting according to the hour, day and night. There is also a multifunctional RGB lamp, using which we can get light of any color and adjust it to the interior design.

DALI lamps are actively used in interior and industrial designs. The main advantage of Dali lights is that it is controllable and addressable. This product is compatible with both KNX and different types of control interfaces. It should also be noted that Smarter offers automation of street lamps. Street lamps located in the city can be managed centrally, according to a specific geographic area, whether it is a city center or an uptown area. This decision allows us to save energy and increase product maintenance because in this case, we can adjust the intensity of the light according to the priorities of the street. In addition, the system allows us to receive information about the error in the lighting and inform the support team with accurate information regarding the error and the location, which saves time and resources. Smarter offers smart lighting design services, covering selecting the optimal lighting intensity of a building or street and selecting lamps accordingly. This allows the customer to properly plan lighting or any building and reduce electricity consumption. Also, our team offers the installation and software debugging service which covers the full project monitoring and management service.



Smart lighting enables its owners to control lighting remotely, through the online app. Through smart lighting solutions, you can control lighting in bigger areas or massive apartment complexes.