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Proper utilization of natural resources will become vital over time. Including, using solar energy as a source of electricity. To preserve ecological safety and optimization of recourses, it is highly important to fully embrace the potential of solar energy.

Solar power plants collect and concentrate sunlight to produce the high-temperature heat needed to generate electricity.  The sunlight is a renewable resource that can be used indefinitely for houses, hotels, and commercial or industrial buildings. We identified the demand in the market and therefore, in 2019 formed a company ’’Smarter Solar". Today, Smarter Solar is successfully operating in the Georgian market.



Our goal is to help as many people and businesses as possible to switch to alternative energy and do it while maintaining the highest quality.

Solar power plants will minimize your energy consumption significantly, so much so that it eventually becomes zero. Its life cycle is more than 30 years and is accessible at any time of the year.




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