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Smart Home Systems

What does smart home mean? - This is a fully automated living space that allows us to remotely control all devices.

Zigbee Wireless Smart Home

Smarter builds smart home systems based on the Zigbee protocol

We have an exclusive partnership with the world leading brand ORVIBO, which today enjoys great recognition and high trust in Georgia.

And yet what is the Zigbee protocol? - It is a wireless technology that connects smart home devices wirelessly to each other while allowing the homeowner to manage all the smart decisions from a single application.

The main advantage of the application is its simplicity and does not require much effort. It allows us to integrate smart home even in finished building conditions. This system is characterized by very low power consumption, which ensures the long life of smart home appliances running on batteries.


Z Wave Smart Home

Smarter gives customers a choice and also offers the Z Wave protocol

Z Wave, like Zigbee, is a wireless protocol focused on smart home management. Z Wave includes all the solutions of a smart home: sensors, lamps, heating controls, locks, switches and more.

We are the official representative of Z wave alliance in Georgia since 2018, which unites the world’s leading brands such as: ASSA ABLOY, RING, AEOTEC, AXIS, Johnson Controls, etc. All devices in Smarter have an open protocol, which allows us to integrate with the products of up to 400 different companies. This is a wide choice for the customer.

The Brands We Work With

KNX Smart Home

KNX, unlike Zigbee and Z Wave, is a protocol that uses a special cable for communication.

This standard is designed specifically for home and building automation. Today, the KNX Association has about 500 different international brands. Therefore, the main advantage of this system is compatibility, ie it can integrate with up to 500 brands of products, which is very convenient for the customer in terms of choice.

Set the mood with a voice command or with a single tap on your phone, keypad, or Neeo remote that transforms your space; the projector screen and blinds lower, the lights dim, and the film begins! You can even control other parts of your home so you never have to leave the couch to turn off the hallway lights, see who is at the door, or close the garage.


Today, the KNX Association has about 500 different international brands.