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At Smarter it is possible to fully automate any building

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Building automation. Automation was the first strategic direction of our company. We have started partnerships with international brands such as: Jonson Controls, ABB, Ekinex, HDL.

Today our team offers customers complete automation of any building, be it a hotel, apartment, office, industrial building or more. Every building is made up of electrical and mechanical parts that are routinely operated by humans, and today it is possible to make it all automated. Through this system, human involvement is minimized so the probability of making a mistake is almost zero. Any process runs autonomously for 24 hours. Automation for business owners minimizes operating costs, which means high productivity, high quality and convenient workflow. At this time you are not dependent on human action, and technology will serve you flawlessly.

In addition, any information is automatically reflected in the computer, allowing us to observe statistics and optimize as needed. This system helps us to achieve energy efficiency. For example, when a guest leaves a hotel room, the heating and light are automatically turned off, which helps to save electricity, which is especially important when managing large-scale buildings.