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A smart decision for a smart home

At Smarter, we have been automating apartments and houses since 2015. Today there are thousands of Smart houses in our portfolio. To implement smart home systems, we partner with leading development companies to build a comfortable environment for their residents that are energy efficient and safe.

If you decide to make your home smart, our team of engineers will visit the site, design accordingly, and then start the execution and software processes. We offer solutions both before and after renovation. If you decide to implement a smart home inside the renovated house, we can do everything without causing any damage. Depending on the building type, we offer Zigbee, KNX, and Z Wave protocols. These protocols are compatible with products from the world's leading brands.


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We established the company “Smarter Electric”, which is one of the companies of the Smarter business group. The core function of the company is to provide electrical installation services. Smarter Electric offers services that comply with internationally recognized standards and recommendations.
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  • Smart lighting enables its owners to control lighting remotely, through the online app. Through smart lighting solutions, a manager can control lighting in bigger areas or massive apartment complexes. Smarter offers smart lighting services including interior lighting, interior smart lamps, and Dali lamps.
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  • KNX is the internationally recognized and worldwide standard for smart home automation and building control. KNX is a technology that controls the automation of integral functions of any residential, commercial, or industrial building. In the contrast with Zigbee and Z Wave, KNX uses a special cable for communication. KNX devices can manage lighting, blinds, shutters, HVAC, security systems, energy management, audio-video, white goods, displays, remote control, etc. KNX is also the world’s only open standard for home and building control. Unlike proprietary protocols (which only the manufacturer supports), KNX is an open worldwide standard with over 300 different manufacturers producing products that all inter-work and operate together seamlessly.
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    IDS detectors are installed in buildings, and we can detect unauthorized activity immediately. This system includes motion, breakage, door-window sensor, water leakage, gas, and CO detectors. It’s important to note that the systems we offer are compatible with all security companies operating in Georgia. This is an opportunity for the building owner to automatically inform the security service about any violation. This system ensures reliable protection of the building.
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    The decree entered into force in 2022 and requires any commercial building to install 4-megapixel cameras on the exterior perimeter and provide recording for 6 months. Smarter offers to equip any building with a video surveillance system in compliance with the law. Our systems meet global standards. Our partners are the following top brands: HIKVISION, DAHUA, MATRIX, UNV, AXIS, and AVIGILON.
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    One of the greatest benefits of having a Hi-Fi Audio system in your home is that movies you may have watched dozens of times will come to life in a whole new way. This is especially true if you are using Hi-Fi gear for a surround sound system in your home theater. The two worlds can be seamlessly integrated. Of course, music isn’t the only sound you will experience in a better way when watching a movie. Conversations between characters will become clearer, and sound effects that help create the atmosphere of a movie will be enhanced as well. It will create a feeling that the characters having a conversation in your home cinema.
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    Smarter offers network planning services for any building. This service is especially convenient for companies with many employees. Our engineers plan the network in a way that the action of one person does not disrupt the internet connection for other users. To maintain a secure network, Smarter uses equipment from leading brands such as CISCO, ZYXEL, MIKROTIK, UBIQUITI, ARUBA, and JUNIPER.
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    Adopting the global requirements, we offer our customers private and commercial chargers for electric vehicles. We are partnering with the world’s leading brand – ABB to provide us with top-quality EV chargers.
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    Our goal is to help as many people and businesses as possible to switch to alternative energy and to do it with the highest quality. To reach this goal, we formed a company ’’Smarter Solar", which turned out to be the second successful project of Smarter Business Group and soon gained the trust of the customers.