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The building should adapt to our comfort

We spend almost 75% of our lives at an office. This is why we believe that the building should be adapted to the people working at the office - not the other way round. With the logic setting combining sensors running in the system, the buildings will automatically keep brightness while making full use of natural light, the HVAC at a comfortable temperature, and the air quality. Smarter introduced a smart office concept. There are many ways offices can benefit from Smarter automation solutions. This system can automatically turn off lights, air-conditioners, and other devices in an empty room to save energy. The system can keep the brightness at a constant range by automatically controlling lights and curtains. The room visitors can focus on their work without being distracted while using the least electricity for lighting.

Meeting rooms, conference rooms, and co-working spaces are fully automated, allowing us to adapt them to the type of meeting, get information about which rooms are empty or booked, adjust the temperature according to the number of people in the room, and more. In addition to offices, shops, and shopping centers, Smarter provides complete electrical services, project planning, and execution. Nowadays, lighting and HVAC devices consume 70% of the building's electricity. But half of it is wasted due to inefficient building management systems. With Smarter commercial solutions, the buildings reduce at least 30% consumption of electricity. Using Smarter commercial building solutions, the management staff can centrally control all the devices in the building through a PC, wall panels, or app. Apart from centralized control, automatic control also can be a great help in improving efficiency.


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A properly planned and executed project is the most important part of any building. It guarantees safety to the building owner and increases the product lifetime of the existing devices in the building. That is the reason we established the company “Smarter Electric”, which is one of the companies of the Smarter business group. The core function of the company is to provide electrical installation services. Smarter Electric offers services that comply with internationally recognized standards and recommendations.
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  • Smart lighting enables its owners to control lighting remotely, through the online app. Through smart lighting solutions, a manager can control lighting in bigger areas. Smarter offers smart lighting services including interior lighting, interior smart lamps, and Dali lamps.
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  • According to Decree N41, the legislation requires the existence of a fire safety system in any commercial building, where more than 10 people are employed. Additionally, this requirement applies to any residential building that was built after 2017. Smarter offers safety from fire incidents with fire detection and prevention systems that comply with legislation. At Smarter, we have fire detection and prevention systems. A detection system covers aspects of discovering potential fire threats and prevention means the immediate extinguishing of detected fires.
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    PA systems are used in any public venue that requires an announcer, performer, etc. to be sufficiently audible at a distance or over a large area. In critical situations, this system allows us to call everyone to leave the building. We can announce this information or automatically turn on a pre-recorded voice. PA system is also used for commercial purposes such as in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and others.
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    Access control systems differ by building type. Systems may envision building entry control of employees or transportation means. Each type of system can be managed by zones, giving the business owner the ability to allow entry only to certain employees and into specific locations. The system allows the owner to remotely control the entry and exit of vehicles in the building. Access system also includes an accounting and record management system, which allows the building owner to run analytics and get detailed information about the hourly work of employees.
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    Our team offers an IDS - a monitoring system that detects suspicious activities and generates alerts when they are detected. It’s important to note that the systems we offer are compatible with all security companies operating in Georgia. This is an opportunity for the building owner to automatically inform the security service about any violation. This system ensures reliable protection of the building.
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    Video surveillance systems are an integral part of the security of any building. This system allows us to control both the internal and external perimeter of the building, immediately receive information about any possible danger, and monitor people entering and leaving the building. Smarter offers to equip any building with a video surveillance system in compliance with the law. Our systems meet global standards.
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    It is no secret that music and sound play an integral role in our everyday lives. Music moves people emotionally and can influence their lives in impactful ways. That’s why having a Hi-Fi audio system is so important—it will allow you to experience music and sound at a deeper level. The Hi-Fi audio system will bring out some of the most subtle and beautiful parts of your favourite songs as you’ve never heard before. The music becomes emotional and engaging which has to be experienced.
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    In many cases, engineers make mistakes during network planning, due to which the internet service is delayed. Network planning has a major role in the execution. Smarter offers network planning services for commercial buildings. This service is especially convenient for companies with many employees. Our engineers plan the network in a way that the action of one person does not disrupt the internet connection for other users.
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    Cars running on renewable energy are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, it increases the demand for organizing EV charging stations. Adopting the global requirements, we offer our customers private and commercial chargers for electric vehicles. We are partnering with the world’s leading brand – ABB to provide us with top- quality EV chargers.
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    The sunlight is a renewable resource that can be used indefinitely for a home, hotel, commercial or industrial building. Our goal is to help as many people and businesses as possible to switch to alternative energy and to do it with the highest quality. To reach this goal, we formed a company ’’Smarter Solar”, which turned out to be the second successful project of Smarter Business Group and soon gained the trust of the customers.