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Although both residential and commercial spaces can have similar end goals for technology, typically residential technology is not robust enough to network on a larger scale in a commercial environment. However, commercial facilities recognise the power such systems provide and are invested in connected or smart building solutions.

The goals and objectives for creating more intelligent building spaces may vary as there are different preferences for comfort within a building and for some building operators. However, optimising the workplace and providing occupants in building spaces with greater control is likely easier than expected. A bonus is that users do not have to be an expert to implement these tools as there are many vendors within our network that can help achieve your goals. Users can choose the level of connectivity based on the needs of their customers, with the ability to expand well into the future.


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    Address speaker system is an electronic audio system that allows us to provide information to the people in the building at the same time.

    In critical situations, this system allows us to urge everyone to leave the building. This information can be declared or automatically enabled by a pre-recorded voice. The address system is also used for commercial purposes: in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and more. Our team in this regard partners with international brands such as: CMX, Bosch. These brands have been trusted by the Georgian market for a long time.

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