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Slinex SL-10M

Indoor Panels

The Slinex SL-10M is the best model with both technical features and visuals.

Is the best choice for private homes with offices and apartments.

Has a motion detection feature, which allows you to automatically start recording video in case of motion detection.

To expand the field of view on this monitor it is possible to attach two additional cameras and one 2 call button.


10,1” color TFT

Internal memory

100 snapshots


1024×600 pixels

Memory extension slot

SD, up to 32 GB

Video system


Standby mode power consumption

3,5 W

Audio type

Half duplex

Working mode power consumption

8 W

Call time

120 seconds

Power supply

Built-in power supply, ~100–240 V

Slinex -SL-10M
Slinex -SL-10M
Slinex -SL-10M
Slinex -SL-10M
Slinex -SL-10M