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Tourism in Georgia is growing, which increases the demand for hotels. Smarter meets this growing demand and offers all solutions from building management systems to hotel room management systems. In our portfolio, you will find such projects, which we automated. using our systems, the guest will be able to manage lighting, HVAC, curtains, and doors from a single device. Information about all rooms is automatically reported to the reception staff on the computer, such as whether there is anyone in a hotel room, what is the temperature if the lights are on, etc.

We can equip the hotel with smart door locks, minibars, safes, energy-saving relays, lighting, and guest room appliances. We create a sense of security for both hotel guests and staff. And most importantly, the guest leaves the hotel with a memorable experience, which positively affects the brand image.


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This is a system that allows us to manage the hotel room from one device. A smart automation solution provides comfort to both the customer and the hotel owner. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a branded 5-star hotel or a hostel, hotel room automation is used with the same success in both cases. The hotel owner can control any room by sending commands and receiving automatic information, while the customer can simply enjoy the comfort.
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  • For the customer to leave the hotel with a memorable experience, it is necessary to equip it with appropriate equipment. We can equip the hotel with smart door locks, minibars, safes, energy-saving relays, lighting, and guest room appliances.
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  • A properly planned and executed project is the most important part of any building. It guarantees safety to the building owner and increases the product lifetime of the existing devices in the building. That is the reason we established the company “Smarter Electric”, which is one of the companies of the Smarter business group. The core function of the company is to provide electrical installation services. Smarter Electric offers services that comply with internationally recognized standards and recommendations.
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    Smart lighting enables its owners to control lighting remotely, through the online app. Through smart lighting solutions, a manager can control lighting in bigger areas or massive apartment complexes. Smarter offers smart lighting services including interior lighting, interior smart lamps, and Dali lamps.
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    Risk assessment and prevention are important matters for any building's security. Fire is one of the common risks that must be mitigated via different defense mechanisms. Smarter offers safety from fire incidents with fire detection and prevention systems that comply with legislation.
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    The public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It increases the apparent volume (loudness) of a human voice, musical instrument, or another acoustic sound source, recorded sound, or music. PA systems are used in any public venue that requires an announcer, performer, etc. to be sufficiently audible at a distance or over a large area. In critical situations, this system allows us to call everyone to leave the building. We can announce this information or automatically turn on a pre-recorded voice.
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    Access control systems differ by building type. Systems may envision building entry control of employees or transportation means. Each type of system can be managed by zones, giving the business owner the ability to allow entry only to certain employees and into specific locations. The system allows the owner to remotely control the entry and exit of vehicles in the building. Access system also includes an accounting and record management system, which allows the building owner to run analytics and get detailed information about the hourly work of employees.
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    It is no secret that music and sound play an integral role in our everyday lives. Music moves people emotionally and can influence their lives in impactful ways. That's why having a Hi-Fi audio system is so important—it will allow you to experience music and sound at a deeper level. Therefore, Smarter offers a High-Performance audio system. The Hi-Fi audio system will bring out some of the most subtle and beautiful parts of your favorite songs as you've never heard before. The music becomes emotional and engaging which has to be experienced.
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    Smarter offers network planning services for any building. This service is especially convenient for hotel rooms. Our engineers plan the network in a way that the action of one person does not disrupt the internet connection for other users.